The Band’s With Me

St. Kate’s, 2008

Fall 2009:
This line is for young men and women with creative spirits. He or she might play in a band. Whether her band is basking in the limelight, up-and-coming, or playing covers in a dive bar, this girl has it. She has sparkle that lights up a room. My job is to simply accent her “it factor.”
Even if she doesn’t play in a band, she’s the type of girl who dreams about it. This girl can’t be stifled. She is exceptional at everything she sets her mind to. She is imaginative and playful. She loves to have a good time, and craves a career where she can do just that.
He or she is the center of attention. He makes the girls swoon when he picks up a guitar. She steps onto the dance floor with conviction and no one can take their eyes off her. She’s not just another girl in a black dress, and he’s not just another guy in khakis and a blue shirt.

All garments handmade by Stephanie Lesko for senior fashion show at St. Kate’s. Photos by CCH Photography.

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